Writers Alliance of Gainesville

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2016 Poetry Contributors: Jeffrey Alfier, Kelli Allen, Tina Barry, Sheryl Clough, Elizabeth Garcia, Lynn Geri (Pushcart nominee), Deborah Guzzi, Alex Hughes, Eve Jones, Gloria Keeley, Craig Kurtz, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Shahe Mankerian, Leslie Anne Mcilroy (Runner-Up), Ivan de Monbrison, Jenneh Montgomery, Keith Moul, Shannon Nakai, Jeremiah O'Hagen, Sarah Page, Timothy Phillippart, Nola Propst, Catherine Rankovic, Cynthia Roby, Marian Shapiro, Ciara Shuttleworth, Steven Smith, David Stallings, Jacob Trask, Bill Waters, Michael Dylan Welch, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Carolyne Wright (First Prize and Pushcart nominee).

2016 Literary Fiction Contributors: Michael Allard, Afia Atakora (First Prize and Pushcart nomineee), Evan Guilford-Blake, Stephanie Hutton, Stephen Malloy, Joseph Saling (Runner-Up), Bob Shar, Stan Werlin.

2016 Creative Nonfiction Contributors: Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Sarah Bigham, Sarina Bosco, Leone Brander, Jessica Conoley (First Prize), Heather Durham, Rebecca Gould, Heather Heckman-McKenna, Debra Burks Hori (Runner-Up and Pushcart nominee), Janet Mackey, Valerie Marcley, D. Margo, Amanda Canupp Mendoza, Chido Muchemwa, Kathryn Paulson, Michael Farrell Smith (Pushcart nominee), Jessica Wedemeyer, Sarah Wolfgang, Jennifer Young.

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